Trucking Delivery Options

Trucking services are available on a year round basis in the continental United States and Canada. A computerized trucking schedule follows fast and efficient booking, and ensures that a truck will always be available. Special rates for LTL's are available. 

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John B. Ordille, Inc. is also a major transporter
of imported produce from all areas of the world to its final destination point. The business’s proximity to three area international piers and several cold storage facilities makes pick-ups, transfers, and deliveries of imported produce to chains and markets throughout the continental United States, fast and efficient. Quantities on amounts as small as one pallet to full truck loads are easily handled through a computerized transportation coordination system. 


  • Transcontinental Hauling of Fresh Fruits and Produce
  • Cargo Options Available with LTL Deliveries 

  • Top Quality, Refrigerated Equipment
  • Mobilized Units Equipped with Radios and Pagers
  • Computerized Dispatching
  • Full Service from Initial Contact to Final Destination 

John B Ordille, Inc. strives to accommodate all of your delivery needs, even when you require less than a full truckload. All of our trucks in use are equipped with phones, pagers, or satellite disks. With a single phone call we can locate your shipment any where in the country at a moments notice.

If you would like to track a truck's current location, please click the link below for a contact number:

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